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Minimally Invasive Surgery

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Advances in surgical technology have made minimally invasive surgery an option for a wide range of procedures that used to require large incisions and long recoveries. Patrick S. McNulty, MD, FABSS, FABOS, a board-certified, and award-winning orthopedic surgeon and spine specialist at McNulty Spine in Las Vegas, has extensive training and experience in performing minimally invasive and robotic surgeries. If you’re looking for an expert spine surgeon, call McNulty Spine or schedule a consultation online today to find out how Dr. McNulty can help you.  

Minimally Invasive Surgery

What is minimally invasive surgery?

In traditional operations, your surgeon has to make a large incision in your body to access the tissue that needs repair. 

During minimally invasive surgery, Dr. McNulty only needs to make small incisions into your body. He uses fluoroscopy and/or robotic techniques to guide the procedure to ensure he treats the correct part of your spine. 

After making the incisions, he inserts a tubular retractor into the cut. The tubular retractor holds your muscles open, creating a tunnel to the problem area in your spine. 

Then, Dr. McNulty uses special surgical tools that fit through the tubular retractor to complete your procedure. In some cases, Dr. McNulty may also use robotic techniques to perform minimally invasive surgeries.

When the surgery is complete, Dr. McNulty removes the surgical tools and the tubular retractor before closing the small incisions with a suture or stitch.

What are the benefits of minimally invasive surgery?

Since minimally invasive surgery doesn’t involve large incisions, it provides a wide range of benefits. For example, your risk of infection and scarring can be much lower with minimally invasive surgeries. 

Additionally, recovery from a minimally invasive surgery is typically less painful and faster than if you have open surgery. You spend less time in the hospital and can get back to your regular activities more quickly.

What are the available minimally invasive spine surgeries?

At McNulty Spine, Dr. McNulty offers a variety of minimally invasive surgeries:

  • Instrumentation
  • Decompression
  • Lateral interbody fusion
  • Posterior or posterolateral fusion

Dr. McNulty has extensive training and experience in performing minimally invasive surgeries using both hand-held surgical instruments and robotic techniques.

How do I know if minimally invasive surgery is right for me?

Dr. McNulty has tremendous experience in both traditional and minimally invasive surgery.  He understands when minimally invasive techniques are appropriate and do not compromise the structural final end result.  He is always open to any discussion of alternative techniques. 

Dr. McNulty offers comprehensive preoperative consultations to identify the best procedures to address your condition. He explains your options and answers your questions, empowering you to make the best possible decisions regarding your health.

If you’re looking for an expert spine surgeon, call McNulty Spine or schedule a consultation online today.