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McNulty Spine always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 21 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about McNulty Spine below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Johann B.
Submitted 04/20/22
Dr. McNulty did a level 1 fusion on L4/L5 for me as well as decompression on L1-L4. Choosing to commit to back surgery and who will perform your surgery is a very serious decision . It can be very stressful and I think you must have absolute confidence and trust in your surgeon. I had consulted with two other neurosurgeons before I had the good fortune to meet Dr. McNulty. What I like about Dr. McNulty is he is very thorough, he evaluates the entire problem and explains the what, why and how to fix it the best it can be fixed. He doesn't waffle, he is very direct. At our first appointment he sat with me to get all my medical history. I only ever met with Dr. McNulty , no PAs or interns . This I really liked. This doctor put me at ease and I felt confident that he had the skill and know how to address my issues. It has been 8 months since my surgery and I am able to be very active walking and bike riding with no pain. I would highly recommend Dr. McNulty and his staff to anyone considering back surgery.
Shawna M.
Submitted 03/14/22
LIFE CHANGING!!!! i had a spinal fusion with a pelvic reconstruction for my sciatica in June 2021. I am now completely pain free and completely off all pain medicine for the first time in over 12 years!! I highly recommend Dr. McNulty and his team! My only regret is not finding him sooner, then I wouldn't have lost so many years living the life I love so much. Thank you Dr. McNulty for giving me my active lifestyle back and giving my daughters their pain free Momma!!!! We all appreciate you and thank you from the bottom of your hearts!! Such a Blessing!
Heidi D.
Submitted 02/08/22
Dr. McNulty gave me my life back. I was miserable before meeting him and having my double back surgery. I am so happy and grateful for him and his expertise. Love his style also - the golf shorts are the best!! Left a 5-star rating a month ago on Google
Darrell O.
Submitted 02/08/22
Recently had back surgery preformed by Dr. McNulty and I feel great after 10 years of pain. Wonderful surgeon, staff, and overall experience. Left a 5-star rating 2 months ago on Google
Kris D.
Submitted 02/08/22
My fusion with Dr. McNulty was in 2003.... Still pain-free and happy with the results!!! Left 4 months ago on Google
Becky G.
Submitted 08/25/21
In 2003 I was a guest at UNLV hosp. with a broken back. Dr. McNulty did the surgery. I was back to work 3 months after my accident. Always some pain, BUT could have been worse. Recommend him any time someone asks for a great surgeon.
Dixie W.
Submitted 07/01/21
this is my "old" experience with Dr. McNulty. My neck started really bothering me back in the 80's ,I had degenerative arthritis . I was able to manage it over the years with chiropractic ,massage and a "hanger'. fast forward to the 2000's. it got so bad,excruciating bad. I was still having to work.When Id go home from work and try to relax id have a panic attack. I was hanging my neck from the doorway in a medical sling to try and relieve my pain so I could get a few hours sleep. I actually thought i was gonna die,I was in so much pain. I was referred to Dr. McNulty. THANK GOD . He said told me what I needed done. at that time ,I woulda done anything to get out of pain. well, I trusted him ,had the surgery back in 2003, 04. recouperation is insane I wont lie. but once I was back up on my feet it was awesome. The first day back on my job I was so scared but guess what ,it was the best day I had 18 years! Mcnulty is professional, thorough and caring. He knows what hes doing and would recommend him to anyone. The cage ,14 screws ,and "bone putty" in my neck is completely pain free. with only a very slight range of motion. he changed my life and save my life in so many ways. THANKS AGAIN DR. MCNULTY!
Angela M.
Submitted 04/09/21
Considering your back/spine is one of the scariest places to have surgery, I can only say I wish I had it years earlier. So many horror stories and telling me I could be paralyzed, the pain I was feeling, I was at the point of 'I'm willing to do anything!' All for naught. I went from not being able to stand long enough to take a shower (we put a stool in shower so I could sit) to walking, running, exercising and finally enjoying life! I had my surgery Feb 2020, right before Covid shut everything down and I was up and walking THE NEXT DAY!!! Granted I was on morphine and a little woozy, I just couldn't wait to try. I was blown away that I could walk again!! Friends/family couldn't believe it. They were so happy for me. I was supposed to have physical therapy for a couple of months, 3 times a week, but it was very clear to me and the therapists that I didn't need it. I was able to do all the assigned exercises without stumble and walk out and continue at home with my own exercises, yoga, and zumba. I feel AMAZING & FANTASTIC. Dr. McNulty saved my life. I was not living before my surgery, just existing. Thank you Dr. McNulty!! His staff is amazing, too. Thank you to all of Team McNulty!!
Marilyn H.
Submitted 02/20/21
Dr. McNulty gets it!!! From his excellent treatment, curiosity, investigative mind and ability to connect, you know exactly where you stand immediately and what next steps look like. I can honestly say I feel better after having surgery 2 days ago than I did when I walked into the hospital. If you’re looking for a surgeon that knows what he’s doing, communicates directly and is passionate about his work, Dr. McNulty is your man!
Oscar V.
Submitted 01/18/21
Such a good doctor. He did my surgery last week and all i can say. He save my life. I always will be appreciated. Thanks doctor !!
Dario R.
Submitted 12/03/20
I left a short review about a year ago. This review needs to be written now. Dr. McNulty performed an 11 hour long operation on me 2 years and nine months ago. He fused the L3-S1 vertebra which is FIVE vertebra. It looks like a ladder with screws coming in from each side. I was 62 years old at the time. I had already had three previous back operations. In 2003 I foolishly thought I could build a masonry wall. The bricks were 60 plus pounds each. I actually heard my spine collapse when I was lifting a block six feet in the air. Emergency surgery and was told to take it easy. Not me, went right back to the concrete wall. Blew the back out right away - second operation. Fast forward to 2015. Due to disk degenerative disease the vertebra above the previously fused ones collapsed. Surgery number three. Flash forward to Nov. 2017 was in a very serious auto accident which totaled my truck resulting in intense pain and legs giving out beneath me. It was at this point that I was seen by Dr. McNulty. He looked at my X-Ray and said "OH, I know just what I am going to do". No chit chat, just "I know just what I am going to do". Three months later after jumping through the insurance hoops he performed an eleven hour operation on me. I'll just give it to you, the reader, straight. I am now 65 years old. Since the surgery NO pain, NO meds. WHATSOEVER. I can bend over and touch my toes. I can and do ride my bike, swim and canoe every chance I get and for long distances. I can stand up from the floor with one leg at a time. I can walk the distance. I absolutely revel in life. Dr. McNulty you don't know about my life. I have bipolar disorder which from a young age gave me incredible gifts and debilitating weaknesses. I showed incredible promise in my field of architecture but was denied success in it because I wasn't equipped with even the most basic skills to get by in this world. Thank God I met a woman when I was 40 who saw me for who I was and loved me and encouraged me and supported me. But life came to take that away from me as the bipolar had. You can't have happiness when your back is disintegrating. Simple as that. Even with the first three operations the success was limited and certainty wasn't going to be long-lived. I am now 65 and the way I am looking at it there is a good chance I might make it to 80, maybe 85. That's twenty more Christmases with my loved ones. Twenty more years to travel and camp and hike and fish. Twenty more years to finally become the artist I was born to be, and none of that would ever be possible without a decent back and a life without pain. I would love to meet you Samantha B. I think we would both cry together. Thank you Doctor Patrick McNulty.
Samantha B.
Submitted 04/23/20
I was operated on nov 5 of 2010 by Dr McNulty. It’s been so long and I’ve felt so great I haven’t reached out to give my thanks. I just want him to know that he saved my life. He genuinely cared about me and my recovery. Honestly I think the only reason I’m not addicted to opiates is because of Dr. McNulty having a short but very serious conversation with me. The look behind his eyes while explaining to me how serious giving a young person oxy’s can be. That look he had stuck with me. I didn’t grow up with parents that knew how to healthily love and if I would’ve I could imagine that the talk Dr. McNulty had with me would be similar. I never went to high school or furthered my education. Since I no longer live under the constraints of pain, I have a wonderful career as a CMM programmer and running the Quality Dept for an aerospace and automotive manufacturing company. I’m also able to do my favorite thing in the whole world, run. I truly cannot express my gratitude. I pray and give thanks everyday and have even shed tears because I feel so blessed. I hope Dr. McNulty will get to see this. Thank you so much for choosing to be the person you are. May God bless and watch over you closely
Patrick P.
Submitted 03/17/20
I've suffered from low back pain for a number of years. It was so bad that I couldn't walk much more than 100 feet without having to stop to ease the pain. I've long said that people who never had this kind of back pain can't appreciate just how debilitating it can be. After exhausting all the "pain-management" and physical therapy options, with zero success, Dr. McNulty and his wonderful staff have made me whole, again. Dr. McNulty was very straight-forward about what needed to be done and how he was going to do it. From the very first consultation I knew I was in the right hands. 7 days after surgery I got on my treadmill and walked for 15 minutes non-stop and with absolutely NO PAIN! I was so happy that I literally cried tears of joy! While I still have a long way to go before I can claim I'm fully recovered from surgery, each day is a step forward and I can only say THANK YOU to Dr. McNulty and his amazing staff for bringing me to this point in my life. I highly recommend the good doctor to anyone who is suffering from back pain. Don't wait a moment longer - see Dr. McNulty now!
P D.
Submitted 01/23/20
Dr Patrick McNulty is one of the best Orthopedic surgeon in Las Vegas. He will forever be my Orthopedic surgeon when needed. He is very knowledgeable and is a straight shooter. No beating around the bush and I like that about him. I really love the fact that he took time with me and my concerns. I highly recommend Dr. McNulty because he is simply the BEST!!
Dario R.
Submitted 01/23/20
Based on my experience with Dr. McNulty I would 100% recommend him to anyone considering back surgery.
Raphael F.
Submitted 01/23/20
Dr. McNulty is an excellent doctor. He explained everything in detail, showed us my father’s MRI and explained what needed to be done. He is a straight forward no nonsense doctor, which I greatly appreciate. Dr. McNulty also has the most helpful, professional and caring supporting staff that I and my father have ever encountered. If you want a watchdog doctor that puts you or your family member’s needs first, this is your doctor!! I can not thank him and his support staff enough!
Carlos H.
Submitted 01/23/20
First visit with Dr. McNulty; answered all my questions. I felt very comfortable that he can help me with my low back issues. Highly recommend him.
Jessie H.
Submitted 01/23/20
I am so thankful for Dr. McNulty. We don’t have enough Dr’s who take the time to care about us making sure we fill in all of our medical history or observe so thank you Dr McNulty for being a real Dr.
Ivana O.
Submitted 01/23/20
I had surgery August 2019 by Dr Patrick McNulty. When I met with Dr McNulty for a consultation I could not stand straight, my right side (scoliosis) was protruding two inches and the pain and discomfort I had was enormous (due to surgeries that had been done on me previously). I now stand straight, I'm two inches taller, my right side does not protrude anymore and I don't have any more pain and discomfort thanks to this brilliant surgeon Dr Patrick McNulty. Dr. Patrick McNulty you gave me back my life, I will be forever indebted to you.
Robin O.
Submitted 01/23/20
What can I say about the Doctor Who saved my life !!!! Dr. McNulty is a fantastic surgeon Before he operated on me I wasn’t able to get out of the bed I was in so much pain, no other doctor would help me I thank God every day for Dr. McNulty